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Easybratt range of tilting bratt pans Firex is an Italian company with over 40 years of experience in producing cooking systems for the food industry and catering companies. Firex designs innovative, highly automated appliances that help you save energy and resources, selecting the best raw materials and guaranteeing production through rigorous
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Selection from Baron’s Cooking Equipment “Snack Range”, including Gas & Electric cookers, Fry tops, Deef fat fryers, and base units Baron was established in Italy 1995 as a brand designed to satisfy the toughest requirements of professional catering. Its vast range of integrated systems and equipment for professional kitchens quickly made
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DESCO 900 line of cooking equipment – rigorously developed to withstand intense utilization while adhering to the most severe safety and hygiene standards. Desco’s story begins in 1962 when a small North Italian craft business began manufacturing equipment for snack bars. Through perseverance and innovation, Desco quickly rose in the global
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